Friday, May 10, 2013

Enter a ride with Joyride, which spice up your trip with its Android app aims

Last month, a call came from the house Joyride stealth and announced that it raised $ 1 million in funding. Since the company has built a platform entertainment experience Drive Time to create, we have decided that the best place was the application in action joyride along the way. 

Co-founder and CEO Jeff Chen Joyride described as an attempt to
"time more pleasant and interesting behavior" - instead of listening to the same songs in the same radio station, you might say, "Hey, let's play a game together," Or. "Get latest clips Comedy Show me a new language" or again ".." Is an application that eventually. able to install on your smartphone, which is then connected to the drive and control its voice

The first application is a quiz, you can see me play above. (Since we played with a pre-release version of the application, we decided to go to the shooting a little smoother, which is partly due to the touch controls to.) There is a social component of the game where you can try You beat your friends or other players have done - is to make the experience feel like you are playing live together, even if it is in reality, in the words of Chen, "synchronous wrong."
The game is fun, but Chen admitted that he does not like people spend all of their time to travel. Therefore, the company has launched its product - working on a function that takes the content of the comedy of the entire web, and are looking to extend the functionality of other ways.
"How do you get two or three of these key features of the platform to launch, it's starts to get really interesting," Chen said. Ultimately, says he wants to convert Joyride a "voice portal" for a variety of applications, some of which were built by the company, and other third-party developers.
The goal is to start an Android application for mid-2013, he added.